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Djanogly Sherwood Academy

Where Everyone Belongs




Our Sherwood Curriculum to Inspire aims to promote a love of learning and discovery, as well as the development of the whole child. We have developed a skills based curriculum which is in conjunction with engaging teaching strategies such as 'Mantle of the Expert' as well as 'Elements of Discussion' in order to support our children to be successful learners and citizens. 


What is our curriculum based around?

To help our children to develop as successful learners and members of the school and wider community we have developed our 5R Learning Powers. These characteristics are taught and developed through our series of PSHE learning power days, as well as circle time sessions. The children learn to know how these learning powers can support them to become successful.

Our 5R's







We know that children learn in different ways and at Djanogly Sherwood we provide a rich and varied curriculum that allows children to develop to their full potential. We use a variety of teaching strategies that include but are not limited to;

  • Investigation and problem solving

  • Research

  • Group and paired work

  • Creative activities

  • Trips and visitors to inspire

  • Debate, role play and oral presentations


We encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning; to be involved as far as is possible in reviewing their learning and to reflect on how they learn best.


Our curriculum is carefully planned to meet the needs of our children and our community whilst still covering the knowledge, skills and understanding set out in the National Curriculum. In English and maths we closely follow the expectations set out for each year group in the National Curriculum.


To teach phonics we use the Nottingham City Letters and Sounds document. This is taught daily throughout the foundation years and year 1. In Year 2 and above it is used to boost children who did not achieve the expected standard in the phonics screening test or children who are new to English and recently joined school. We use the NNS Spelling scheme to weekly spellings to children in Year 2-6. Our reading books in school are from a range of schemes and are banded according to the Reading Recovery Book Bands. We teach reading through a range of approaches using Switch on, Reading Recovery and individual reading. 


Maths fluency is taught daily to ensure that our children become mathematically literate and accurate in their calculations. In Early Years the Mastery Approach is used to teach all children to ensure that they have a good knowledge of the foundations of number. 


Visit the class pages to find out more detail about the learning for this term.