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Falcon and Alma

Information for Parents


We have put together some activities for children to do at home whilst they are unable to come to school. We all want our children to be happy, safe and still learning at this time.  It will also help you to keep them occupied at home for an extended period of time.


This page we will be updated with new work or messages weekly on a Wednesday. Please see below for weekly work set by your teachers. For parents of children with SEND please see the information posted by our SENCo here.


Please keep checking and keep you and your family healthy.


Best wishes from the Year 3 team

Who you will meet:


Mr Carrette - Alma Class Teacher 

Mr Barrass - Falcon Class Teacher

Miss Wardle - Teaching Assistant

Miss Chapman - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Christensen - Assistant Head (PPA Cover Teacher)


Home Learning Activities - Week 1

This page will be updated every Wednesday with new learning activities. We have prepared a suggested timetable of activities which can be completed at home. This will be Wednesday to Wednesday with one subject taught each day. Please feel free to complete activities in a different order if you wish. 


Wednesday 25th March - Reading Focus

  • Reading your current reading book band (or a similar level book) and complete a Book review 
  • Complete the Spelling/ Handwriting activity 
  • Compare your book to another book you have read - Describe to someone or write down how they are different and how they are the same (This will link to next weeks written activity) 

Thursday 26th March- English Focus

  • Purple Mash (2 do section) - Create a story board that explains what happened to Jub in the story 'The Lost happy endings', don't forget to add your own ending! (this will link to next weeks activity)
  • Purple Mash (2 do section) Handwriting Practice 

Friday 27th March - PSHE/ Well being Focus

  • Purple Mash (2 Do section) - Dear Mrs Jones Friendship activity 
  • Purple Mash (2 Do section) - Social Networking debate 
  • Mindfulness - Practice our deep breaths that we have been learning about in class. You can create a free account and practice a year 3 session for a few minutes. Try to think about your thoughts and feelings during this time
  • Joe Wicks - Activate, Try to join in with Joe wicks everyday at 9'oclock to get active
  • Create a timetable to make a clear list of what you are doing each day

Monday 30th March - Curriculum Focus

  • Purple Mash (2 do section) - All about Castles task 
  • Purple Mash (2 do section) - Science Placing Shadows Activity
  • Draw an image of a medieval castle - Think about line, colour and tone 

Tuesday 31st March- Maths Focus 

  •  Retrieval Task for addition 
  • Purple Mash (2 do section) - Money up to £1
  • ​​​​​​​Purple Mash (2 do section) - Shop Multi-Drag Game - Adding values together 


Additional Activities for Week 1!

Spring Term 2 in Year 3


This term's learning powers theme is ‘Me as a team’. 

We will be learning how to effectively work as a team in our Learning Powers Day. Looking at different activities that we do everyday, working out how we can solve problems and work together to achieve the task. This is a theme we will continue to loom at throughout PSHE this term. This is also a good chance to link our learning to our 5R's - Relationships.

At home, think about how you can be a good team member in your house. Try: 

  • Playing a game as a group 
  • Taking it in turns to read aloud
  • Working with someone to create a sculpture 
  • Hold the door open for someone







This term in English we will focusing on the story ‘The lost happy endings'. We will be consolidating our learning from last half term by making predictions, discussing character's personality and appearance by looking at descriptive language. 


We will look at sequencing the story - remembering what has happened in the beginning, middle and end. We will be creating our own endings to the story by talking with partners and in teams to discuss our ideas. 


We are learning to write: 

  • A diary entry
  • Letter 
  • Comprehension questions 
  • Sequence events 
  • Character descriptions 


Remember to keep using the racetrack! Once it is complete, your child can join many other children who have claimed their free book for completing the racetrack. We will be doing lots of reading in class this term with our coloured book bands. Remember to bring these to school everyday so you can get one step closer to claiming your free book!

Why not try asking these questions at home when your child is reading:

  • Prediction – What do you think will happen next? Why might this happen?
  • Inference – Look at the picture, what can you tell me about it?
  • Summary – What happened so far, What happened at the end of the story? Who were the main characters?
  • Layout (features of the text) - Does this book have any chapters, a contents page? Is it a non-fiction, fairytale, legend, myth, biography, play script, poem or a narrative? 
  • Who is the author/illustrator?






In Maths, this term we will be learning about:

  • Measures - Angles 
  • Measures - Property of shapes
  • Statistics - Money problems 
  • Multiplication - up to 8X table 
  • Time - Telling the time to the nearest minute 



The theme for Spring Term is ‘Castles’. We are now developing our curriculum theme into Urban Pioneers. We are focusing on Art and design as our main area of learning while continuing to look at local geography and history. 


In art we will be learning a range of shading techniques to create town and focus on lines. 

In geography - we will continue to look at the locality of Nottingham. Looking at maps and digital maps (Google Earth) to find different locations within our local area. We will use the 8 points of a compass to describe where locations are. 

History - Continue to study Nottingham castle and caves. Exploring key questions, such as; why were the castles created, who were they created by and how long have they existed? 

Nottingham Caves Trip 

Lets not forget our trip to Nottingham caves which will take place on Monday 9th March 2020. Make sure your child has a water proof coat, appropriate shoes, regular school uniform and a packed lunch. We will leave at 9:00am and set of on our adventure to explore the caves!

Why not try a task off of our Spring 2 homework menu?

Children can show and tell their homework in class and have their work featured on the wall.


Additional Home Learning Activities 


Outdoor Nature challenge

Why not take part in the city nature challenge? Get some fresh air and look around Nottingham using the map to record sightings of wildlife across the city.



Or how about the the RSPB Family wildlife challenge?



Explore the stories and secrets behind the magical pieces of music...


Resource Ideas



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Physical Education

During Spring we will focusing on a variety of skilled games. This will involve teamwork, invasion techniques, dribbling and shooting. We are focusing on rugby this term and how to complete a successful chest pass. 

Announcing "P.E with Joe" | Daily LIVE workouts for kids | The Body Coach

Starting Monday 23rd March Joe will be hosting a free workout aimed at kids LIVE on his YouTube channel.
9AM - Mon-Fri (30 min session)

8 times table

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