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Welcome to Spring Term 1 2022


Our Project for this term is called 'Saxon Stories' and the main subject that we will be focussing on in our curriculum time is History.  We call this our DRIVER SUBJECT. In history, we will be finding out about the events that led up to the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons in our country. We will also be learning about how the Anglo-Saxon people lived and considering the evidence, in our country today, that proves this. 

Homework Menu Spring Term 1, 2022

In Autumn Term 2, we will be reading Beowulf adapted by Michael Morpurgo.

Our class reading books for this term.

Gawthorne Class Reading Week



Reading at home:

The children all have a reading diary now. Each child is expected to read at home to an adult at least 24 times at home this term.


Reading in class:

We are reading Beowulf adapted by Michael Morpurgo



We will be focused on writing a non-chronological report about the Anglo-Saxons and a narrative, based on Beowulf.


Grammar:  There will be a number of aspects of grammar that we will cover, including:

  • Pronouns
  • Clauses,
  • Modal verbs and adverbs
  • Suffixes and prefixes,
  • Determiners.
  • Clauses and conjunctions.



We will be focusing geometry, including area and perimeter, measures (focusing on time) and division and multiplication techniques.




  • Know that the Romans withdrew from Britain in 410 CE to go and defend their land in Italy


  • Know that the Anglo Saxons came from Germany and invaded Britain after the Romans left


  • Know that Saxon houses were huts made of wood with thatched rooves


  • Know some features of Anglo Saxon life


  • Know that Anglo Saxon town names ended in ‘burh’ which has now become ‘borough’
  •   Use dates to order and place events on a time line


  •   Present findings and communicate knowledge in different ways based on more than one source. 


Important Dates:


PE day will be Wednesdays-This is for the whole class.

Area Band rehearsal in school EVERY FRIDAY

7th February-Children’s Mental Health week