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Hamilton and Gawthorne

Hamilton and Gawthorne 2020-21

Welcome to Year 5


Hamilton Class Welcome Message

Gawthorne Class Welcome Message

We are very excited to welcome you back in September. We cannot wait to see you all and get started with our fantastic curriculum.


We are very lucky that we have being asked by Google to take part in a year-long research project. In the first term we will be doing scientific experiments as well as looking at the mapping of a mysterious place called Alchemy Island!




Letter from Google

 Geography Summer Challenges 


Challenge 1: Can you draw map of your favourite room in your house? Can you include a key? Can you label objects within the room?



We have now received, from Google, further information about our year-long research project that we have been chosen for. The research team leader, Sundar Pichai, has asked that you complete some tasks before the project begins in September. The list of tasks in as follows:


1. Can you investigate about foods that change state when heated or cooled, such as eggs, water, butter and chocolate? What do you find out during your experiments? Please record your findings.


2. Explore the idea of making an ‘alchemist’s banquet’ for your family, and include foods from your list of those which change state when heated or cooled.


3. Discover if your family owns anything containing gold or another precious metal or gemstone. What can you find out about where it came from?


4. Find out what work is carried out by an Assay Office.


5. Can you research, like a scientist to find out the atomic numbers and symbols for metals such as lead, copper, silver, zinc, iron and platinum?


6. Plan and make a costume and travel kit for an alchemist. What useful things might an alchemist pack?


Please keep all of your work safe so that when we return to school we can share your learning so far with Mr Pichai and find out what the next stage of our project will be.

Sherwood Buzz Lockdown

What is Seesaw? Introduction for Families (English)

We will be using Seesaw for lots of our home learning. Click the link below the video to access the site.