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Djanogly Sherwood Academy

Where Everyone Belongs

Falcon, Herbert and Alexandra

Falcon, Herbert and Alexandra Welcome Message

Sherwood Buzz Lockdown

Seesaw Introduction

We will be using Seesaw for lots of our home learning. Click the link below the video to access the site.

Where Everyone Belongs

At Djanogly Sherwood we know that things are challenging and different right now we wanted to help by sharing some good resources. Here is a video you could watch and share with your children explaining how to talk to children about race and diversity. We will also be sharing lessons on Seesaw through some great books about diversity. We hope that this helps. Remember our strapline at Sherwood is ‘Where everyone belongs’.

How to talk to children about race and diversity:

Sherwood - VE Day

Let us celebrate VE Day with you. Today we represent the British Flag!

Djanogly Sherwood - We Miss You



We have put together some activities for children to do at home whilst they are unable to come to school. We all want our children to be happy, safe and still learning at this time.  It will also help you to keep them occupied at home for an extended period of time.


This page we will be updated with new work or messages weekly on Wednesdays. For parents of children with SEND please see the information posted by our SENCo here.


Please keep checking and keep you and your family healthy.


Best wishes from the Year 4 team

Welcome to Year 4!

Who you will meet:


Mrs Ellis - Herbert class teacher

Mr Connolly - Alexandra class teacher

 Mrs Yeatman - Teaching Assistant


Welcome to Summer term 2!


Summer term 2 is upon here and although we are not at school, Mr Connolly, Mrs Yeatman and Mrs Ellis miss you and are thinking about you daily. If you need anything please email us on Seesaw - the system which we are also using to update daily activities. 


Please look after yourselves and keep safe smiley

This is Mrs Ellis' attempt at drawing Mad Hatter. We can't wait to see your drawings!

Newsletter and Homework Menu

Daily Timetable for parents and children

If you need any assistance please contact: 

Please see below the key websites to use. Children's work will be added on a weekly basis:

How to access TT Rock Stars

The BBC website has a wide range of math activities for you to access:

White Rose also has excellent math resources:

If you would like to do activities that involve outdoor learning please click on the RSPB Family Wild Challenge link below:



If you would like to listen to music and complete some musical tasks, look at the Music Ten Pieces link below:


If you would also like to have a look at the Nottingham Music Hub website for free musical resources please click on the link below:


If you would like to have a look at Science resources, please click on the attached STEM website.


Padlet of additional resources:


Additional reading websites:

Exercise at home with Joe Wicks

Musical instrument guidelines if your child has taken home a flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, cornet, trombone, baritone, euphonium, tuba or PBone. Please read the following attached letter:

Literacy challenge of the week.

Story starter!

Their speed was such that they appeared a blur to the little girl watching them. She sat on a stone wall, knees pulled up to her chest, bracing herself slightly against the strong breeze.

The herd of wild horses moved as one: a frothing, raging river cascading across the countryside. They reminded her of a waterfall she had visited with her parents last summer. The foam that formed on top of the surging water as it bubbled away in the plunge pool like a witch’s evil potion was the same colour as their long, flowing manes.

The horses seemed to be startled by something. What were they running from? Or was it perhaps that they felt a sense of great urgency to reach a certain destination?

The girl sat and pondered at the question…


Sentence challenge!

Collective nouns are names for a collection of people or things. For example, a herd of wild horses.

How many different collective nouns do you know?

Can you think of the collective nouns for 10 different animals?


Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The horses ran across the field. They were white. They were moving very quickly.


Question time!

Who is the girl watching the horses?

Why is she out all alone?

Why do you think the horses are travelling so quickly?

Have you ever seen wild horses?

Why do you think there are few horses seen in the wild?

Do you think there are more in other parts of the world?

Do you think there used to be more wild horses in the past?

Do you know of any other animals that are found in the wild, but are also used for domestic purposes?


Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of something else that might move extremely quickly?

Try to show that the thing is moving very quickly in your picture.



Lighthouse (Animation)

Write a newspaper story of the event. Don't forget to include interviews with the key characters: the lighthouse keeper, the villagers and the men from the boat.

Math challenges!

Correct the spelling mistakes.

Jungle Book, read by Mrs yeatman

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Chapter 1, part 1

Alice in Wonderland, part 3

Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

The celebration of Ramadan!
For many Muslims around the world today marks the first day of Ramadan. It's a very unusual Ramadan as mosques are closed and families will opening their fasts within their own homes.


Here is a bbc link which talks about Ramadan:


We also thought it would be nice for you to design your own Ramadan lamp: 
or door sign for Suhoor:
We would love to see your designs. Attach your designs onto the 2Email app on purple mash and we will upload the photos of your designs onto the school website. smiley

A beautiful Ramadan design by Sainethra!

Pictures of the children's work

This week in English, the children in year 4 have been writing a newspaper report about the 'murder of Mr West.' They completed 5 clues to work out who the murderer was.


We would like to share one of the newspaper reports which one of our children wrote last week as it really impressed us: 


LOGAN’S NEWS 26 June 2020


By Logan


Djanogly Sherwood Academy is today waking up to the news of their beloved teacher Mr West being murdered. Mr West was today discovered in the early hours of the morning by the school cleaner as she was doing her daily tasks. She came across his body lying in the school corridor outside the year 4 classroom. Could one of the teachers or even the pupils be involved in these events?


What we do know is several witnesses came forward and the police managed to create a list of 32 suspects. From 5 witness statements severals clues were given to the police in order to narrow down the suspects. From the clues given the police knew the suspect was tall, a man, wore earrings, wore glasses and had dark hair. This helped them to narrow it down to just one person on the list that fitted that description. That person was Jerry Sohota, one of the kitchen cooks at the school.


It turns out that Mr West did not like Jerry’s food and an argument occurred when Jerry hit Mr West over the head with one of his large cooking pots. In order to cover his tracks so he wouldn’t get caught he moved Mr West outside of the year 4 classroom. However he didn’t expect to be seen by several witnesses which led to his arrest. One of Mr West’s colleagues Mr Connolly has spoken with us and said “ Mr West was a great teacher and will be missed very much by the whole school.” Police will now charge Jerry Sohota and he will be facing a long time in prison whilst Mr West’s family, colleagues and friends are left with his memories. The school where he worked Djanogly Sherwood Academy will not be the same after these events but will try to get back to normal for its students.


Well done Logan!