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Djanogly Sherwood Academy

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Language Rich

Our children need a language rich curriculum that provides them with the skills and knowledge they need to enter the next stage of their education successfully. This includes the physical learning environment.


Aspects include:

  • Learning new vocabulary and learning to use it to speak
  • Print rich classroom environments
  • Reading aloud enhances a language rich classroom – link to our daily reading sessions
  • Using Imagination – putting new vocabulary into authentic situations through pretend play, role play.
  • Language through displays – exposing children to words in writing. Dual coding also appropriate.
  • Modelling – model new words in sentences. Model how to use new ideas in play and model how to write words.
  • Read! Read every day. RED TED
  • Movement and music to enhance language and connects sounds to words. Hand gestures and motions deepen the bond to language – Elements of discussion.
  • Reading activities – Book talk – links to use of vipers / 6 monkeys/ book of the week
  • Language games linked to phonics teaching and spelling scheme in KS2
  • Writing – forming letters and words is a big step in developing a language rich environment – linked to letter join / daily handwriting lessons
  • Teaching reading skills through VIPERS / Reading recovery
  • Teaching skills eg fine motor, knife and fork etc
  • Developing social skills
  • Teaching Spanish and language of the term 
  • Elements of discussion
  • Language to learn – CPD for TA’s
  • Apps on ipad – chatterpix
  • Chatterbox
  • Being a reading school
  • Retrieval / quiz questions
  • EAL – language levels
  • Visual timetables / dual coding
  • Adults role modelling back to children