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Djanogly Sherwood Academy

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Language of the Term

At Djanogly Sherwood Academy, each term we learn a different language and children are given opportunities to develop their spoken skills.  All teachers embrace the selected language of the term and actively encourage the children to say good morning, good afternoon and respond to simple yes/no questions in the given language. Children will be taught languages for 20-30  minutes per week from Year 1 to Year 6. In KS1, children will learn to say simple words, phrases and numbers in the language of the term. In KS2 the focus will be on developing not only spoken skills, but also reading, writing and listening skills in Spanish. 


Each term, we celebrate the language and country as well as by having a themed lunch day. We have chosen to learn the top 6 languages (over a 2 year cycle) that are spoken in our school. As a school, we feel it is important to give bilingual children the chance to speak and demonstrate their language skills. Language of the Term also allows monolingual English speakers to encounter and learn to speak different languages.


Every term, 12 key words/phrases are translated for the children.

These are: Good morning : Good afternoon : Welcome : Hello : Goodbye : Yes : No : Please : Thank you : Sorry : Well done : Come here

Autumn - Language of the Term - Urdu


The chosen language for term 1 and 2 is Urdu.

There are about  90.5 million people in the world who can speak Urdu.

Urdu is the official language of Pakistan.

Urdu is one of our top 6 languages spoken by children at Djanogly Sherwood Academy. 


Words in Urdu that we are going to learn


Below are the translations for the 11 words/phrases which the children are encouraged to learn and use throughout the school day. You will find the English word and the translation of the English word into Urdu. These will be displayed in classrooms and on the Languages Display board.


  • Good morning = Subah Bakhair
  • Good afternoon = Dupehr Bukhair
  • Welcome = Kush Amdeed
  • Hello = Aslam - u - alaikum
  • Goodbye = Khudahafiz
  • Yes = Jee
  • No = Naheen
  • Please = Bara'ya mehurbani
  • Thankyou = Shukriya
  • Sorry = Muaf-Karna
  • Well done = Shabash

Learn to Count to 10

Teach your child to Count from 1 to 10 in four languages! Learn to Count to Ten in English, Spanish, French and Japanese!