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Djanogly Sherwood Academy

Where Everyone Belongs

Little Acorns

Welcome to Little Acorns!

We believe that every early year’s child is unique and has the right to learn through play.

We provide a rich and enabling environment, where children feel they belong, are understood, and are inspired to succeed.

We know that this requires skilful interactions by knowledgeable adults to build the foundations for life.

Our Early Years Curriculum

Staff you will meet are:


 Miss Perry - Lead Teaching Assistant

Miss Matthews - Apprentice Teaching Assistant 

Miss Wildgoose - Teaching Assistant 

Mr Cheetham - Apprentice Teaching Assistant 



Autumn 1 newsletter

Spring Term 1

January - February 2020


Welcome back we hope you had a fabulous Christmas break and a happy new year to all of you!


We are excited for the term ahead as we enter our spring term, to find out more about our children and the way in which they learn. We are still learning about our children's schema's and we are providing more activities to support them each week. 

To support all of our children we have a new focus of schema's. A schema is the way your child plays, for example if they like to move toys around from one area to another this what we call 'transporting' schema. There are 9 different schema's which we are building our knowledge on and observing how our children play so that we can provide activities to support their schema. We will be sending home information if we observe your child with a particular schema so that you can support them too and we can work together. 


Now that it is getting cold and wet as we go into winter weather we will still be playing and exploring outside, please make sure your child has the appropriate clothing for the weather conditions: 

Coat, hat, scarf, gloves and wellies.

If you would like to bring a pair of wellies and leave them here with us we can put their name on so that they can wear them as and when needed :) 


Thank you very much to those that have already brought in wellies to leave here, the children have had so  much fun splashing in the puddles with their wellies and with our umbrellas!


We are still in need of some of some items for room and some of these you may be able to help with if you have any of thee at home that you do not want any more. If you have any of these items and are able to donate them too us then we would really appreciate this smiley.

The items are:

  • Dress up scarfs
  • Bangles/dress up bracelets
  • Pots and Pans 
  • "Tiny Baby" clothes
  • Hats 


We will continue to have our story of the week as well as the rhyme of the week. The stories of the week we have chosen from a new collection of books we have, some of which will help with friendships and managing feelings with our friends, such as sharing. Our rhyme of the week we have chosen animal songs to enhance knowledge on familiar animals and sounds. 


"Stay and play"

We are still offering "Stay and Play" sessions every 2 weeks to give you the opportunity to play with us and your children to see what the children gain from the activities and areas of learning provided. These are half hour sessions 8:40 -9:10 for AM and 12:15-1:15 for PM. Please come and join us for a play smiley (dates to be confirmed for Spring 1). 

Dates for the diary 


06.01.20 - INSET DAY

07.01.20 - BACK TO SCHOOL

15.01.20 - Curriculum choice day 

11.02.20 - Disco


24.02.20 - BACK TO SCHOOL




Please have a look at some of our pictures of our learning :) We have been loving using our umbrellas in the rain, watching and listening to it hitting them as well as jumping in the puddles! We have also provided activities to support our children's schema. The trucks in the sand pit support the 'Transporting' schema and the bubbles support the 'Trajectory' schema.