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Djanogly Sherwood Academy

Where Everyone Belongs


At Djanogly Sherwood Academy we believe that our children deserve a curriculum that promotes aspiration through experiences that broaden their perspectives.


We have identified conceptual strands that run through our 'Curriculum to Inspire' and support our children to have high aspirations for their future. These are InnovationWomen in History and Environmental Concerns.


Aspiration is a key part of Djanogly Sherwood Academy's cultural capital. Children need to aspire to see more and be more. The Sherwood 'Curriculum to Inspire' builds the concepts of innovators and innovations from years 1-6 to showcase how people in the past have developed new ideas, tools and resources to challenge the status quo, think differently and push boundaries to achieve great things. 


Women in History

As part of out 'Curriculum to Inspire' at Djanogly Sherwood Academy we feel it is important for children to understand the important role women have played in history. It supports our goal of aspiration and helps all children build respect, tolerance and nourishes self-esteem. 


Environmental Concerns

At Djanogly Sherwood we know that environmental education promotes critical and creative thinking skills. We want our children to be engaged with their planet and help them to understand why the environment is important. We provides them with the building blocks they need to live eco-friendly and sustainable lives. (From the EPA)