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Djanogly Sherwood Academy

Where Everyone Belongs

Language Rich and Vocabulary

Our children need a language rich curriculum that provides them with the substantive and disciplinary knowledge they need to enter the next stage of their education successfully. This includes the physical learning environment.


Aspects include:

  • Learning and using new vocabulary 
  • Curriculum progression for vocabulary which clearly identifies tier 3 'aspirational vocabulary
  • Language rich classroom environment to include dual coding
  • A focus on reading to include daily reading to children
  • Using Imagination – putting new vocabulary into authentic situations through pretend play, role play.
  • Reading incentives across school
  • Elements of discussion
  • Teaching Spanish and language of the term 

Our curriculum inspires and engages our learners, expands their vocabulary and captures their imagination.


Aspects include:

  • Dual coding, signs and symbols
  • Long term plan for reading to include a wide variety of vocabulary
  • Aspirational vocabulary in texts for each year groups story time
  • Word mats in English lessons
  • Stems sentences
  • Key words and questions on display
  • New vocabulary that builds on each lesson with definitions shared
  • Opportunities for discussion – elements of discussion
  • Age appropriate vocabulary modelled to the children
  • BUSC - Boxing up success criteria
  • Spag lessons
  • Subject displays